The DC TV Guide, or, My Patented 47-Point System Unveiled

Hey! Did you know that there was a Batman show in the 60s? And a Wonder Woman show in the 70s? And even a short-lived Flash show in the early 90s? So yeah, DC Comics is no stranger to television. But this year they’ve taken the relationship to the next level with a veritable promise ring of new TV offerings.

Three new television shows debuted this fall that are based on DC Comics source material: Gotham on FOX, The Flash on CW and Constantine on NBC. At this rate maybe people will figure out that red with a yellow lightening bolt isn’t Sheldon’s costume.

But it can be a lot to take in, three new television shows in one season, whether you’re a DC Comics fan, a vaguely interested newcomer or a crusty old fella who yells at his grandchildren to explain why TV is so much “gayer” now. But why should you have  to sit through three hour-long television pilots to figure out which, if any, of DC’s new offerings are for you? They have blogs for that shit!

Enter my Patented 47-Point System, a set of variables by which I can identify the right show for you. I put this bad boy together decades ago to help me critique the pilot of Friends for a review I absolutely wrote and that absolutely exists on this very website to this very day. And since that very day I haven’t change a single, solitary point in my Patented 47-Point System. It’s helped me pick out a lot of winners (Game of Thrones, YouTube, Sanford and Son) and avoid a lot of losers (The Olympics, The State of the Union, Mad Men) and now I hand it down to you, so that you might figure out which, if any, of DC Comic’s new TV shows are worth your time.

It’s simple. Browse the list on the left to find what you’re looking for in a TV show and make your way to the right to see which shows have what you’re looking for.

You are so welcome.


You're welcome.

You’re welcome.


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