About This, or, Where are the Ponies? Where are the Tricks?


Ugh, who am I kidding? It’s just a bunch of hot takes.

You may have come to this blog with bated breath, fingers crossed that you’ve finally found a reliable, steady source of amateur videos depicting equine performance.

Close. But no cigar.

Unfortunately I’m not a horse. Nor do I own a horse. Nor do I appreciate the very idea of a horse. I’m just a guy who really likes entertainment. Movies, music, television, video games, comic books, regular books, they’re all pretty great. And the only thing I like better than watching a movie or playing a game or reading a book is getting lost in the conversations and discussions they can evoke.

I’ve been known to skim review aggregator sites when I’m deciding whether or not to make a purchase, and in this fiscal sense they can be quite helpful. But reading a review has never triggered in me the sense of realization and appreciation for a piece of work that an excited or irritated conversation with friends has.

I’m not nearly as concerned with hearing what a critic liked or didn’t like about something as I am with hearing what the people I know thought was interesting about it.

And that’s what Pony Tricks is. I’ve written about different forms of entertainment, from comic books to Oscar nominees, but the through-line of Pony Tricks is discussion.

You won’t find horses doing kick-flips here, and you won’t find your favorite movie quantified or your favorite television show assigned a numerical value seemingly torn from the sky. But you will be able to find out what I thought was interesting about a particular work, and maybe in doing so you’ll be inspired to share what you thought was interesting about it.

And then maybe later I’ll film a pony doing a trick.



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